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What does Chamrosh mean?


In the Persian mythology, Chamrosh is a giant immortal bird having the body of a dog and the head and wings of a bird, said to be the protector of the Motherland.


" Living under the "Tree of Seeds", the original source of all and every seed in the world, Chamrosh uses its powerful wings to gather the seeds and pours them in the sea. The seeds go inside a cloud full of rain, the cloud rains on the ground and the seeds appear everywhere."*


Chamrosh is the symbol of safeguard and prosperity of the earth.



Who are we?


Chamrosh GmbH has been established in Berlin in 2015. Although the company is very young, its team brings more than 20 years of experience in the field of international business and contract negotiations.

Chamrosh has already built a strong business relationship with important manufacturers in Europe and is familiar with the export and trade regulations in various countries.
We chose this symbolic name because we intend to follow "Chamrosh" legacy and therefore distribute our customers' valuable products  all over the globe. With Chamrosh GmbH, the customers will always be in good hands.

What does Chamrosh do?


Chamrosh offers different kind of spare parts for electrical and mechanical equipments in Industry, energy and transportation systems to the customers, especially in the Middle East Region.

Furthermore, Chamrosh is ready to support the reliable manufacturers in Europe in the marketing and export of their quality products to its customers.
Please contact us, In case you need any assistance or support for:

- sourcing and/or purchasing your required items;

- identifying a reliable partner for selling your products.


Chamrosh will be delighted to assist you in finding the best solutions in the shortest possible time.
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